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FLEEA Insurance

FLEEA cover, or variations of it such as FLEA cover or FLEE cover, is a very basic buildings cover that includes the following:


Some insurance companies will also include subsidence cover and most, but not all, will include Property Owners’ Liability. Often this level of cover is specified for an unoccupied property that is having works done on it, although in some cases a higher level of cover may still be available.

See our unoccupied property insurance page for more details.


What is Property Owners’ Liability insurance?

Property Owners’ Liability insurance is similar to public liability insurance. It provides cover in the event of injury, death or damage to individuals or their property on or adjacent to your property e.g. a tile falls off a roof and hits someone, or lands on their car and damages it. For private property owners this protection is usually included in a household policy, whereas for most businesses, any claim arising from your ownership of a property would be included in your public liability cover.

What is Subsidence Cover?

This is cover against subsidence, heave and landslip. Subsidence is where the ground beneath a property gradually gives way or “subsides”. Heave is the opposite of this and is where the ground rises, and landslip is where the ground moves, such as down a hill. All of these events have the potential to damage a property built on them. Initially, large cracks may begin to appear in the walls, with the worst cases resulting in structural failure.

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