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Window Cleaner Insurance

Running a window cleaning business can be hazardous, as is the case with any job which involves working at height or with glass. No matter how careful you are, accidents are always a possibility. It may be that an item of equipment falls on to the pavement below, or a window is broken in some way. In the event of injury or damage being caused to people passing by or to property, public liability insurance is available to protect your business.

It is also sensible to protect yourself against liability for third parties and employees. A third party is a member of the general public, or a customer not related to you. If a third party is hurt because of your actions, you may be held responsible and therefore be required to meet the costs of any medical bills and compensation. In some cases, this could run to thousands of pounds coming out of your own pocket.

Equally, if you employ anyone and they are hurt or seriously injured doing work for you, they are legally entitled to claim compensation from you. For instance, if they fall off a ladder and break their leg. But with public liability insurance, you can carry on with your business, safe in the knowledge that you are covered in case of such an eventuality.

Why Coversure for window cleaners’ insurance?

We can advise you on employers’ liability insurance and arrange appropriate cover for you, ensuring you meet your legal responsibilities towards your employees and that your business is properly protected in the event of an accident at work. We understand that every business different and as such, can broker a deal which is tailored to your business and suitable to your needs. We also understand that in business, every penny counts and our excellent links with many of the nation’s top insurance firms means we can offer extremely competitive quotes to our customers.

Cover available for:

• Public liability insurance
• Employers’ liability insurance
• Tools & equipment cover

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