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Liability Insurance

Coversure’s team of account managers has a high level of experience in the field of public and employers’ liability insurance. As a result, we can offer policies to suit your requirements, be you a one-man-band or a director of a large company with many employees. We also have broker-issue policies which mean you can have access to your employers’ liability certificate or public liability schedule in minutes. Whatever your business, we can offer a policy that matches your needs, whether you are in the building allied trades, or a petrochemical engineer, we can cover it all.
Most businesses need just a simple stand alone liability policy which is easy enough to arrange, but if you need additional extras, we can also provide you with expert advice.

Why Coversure for commercial liability insurance?

With our experience we can talk you through the extensions available and any exclusions which may apply. Policies can vary enormously in terms of what they do or don’t cover, such as differing height limits, certain related higher risk activities or what locations work can be done at. Each insurance company will have different terms in order to appeal to a different part of the market, so two similarly priced policies may in fact be quite different.
Also, we understand that your business is individual and you may have different needs to someone else in the same industry. For example, commercial electricians may need cover for efficacy and three phase work included on their policies, but this doesn’t apply to domestic electricians. So no matter what your needs, let Coversure quote you today.

You may also wish to consider some add-ons we are able to provide, some of which are available separately:

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