I have a few different vehicles used for haulage and courier work and plan to buy others in the next year, can I have a fleet insurance policy?

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Yes. There are several companies that offer fleet insurance policies suitable for couriers and haulage firms. In fact, fleet insurance policies are designed from the outset to be extremely flexible.

Such policies often allow for a mix of vehicles and drivers as courier and haulage firms may be called upon to deliver all kinds of products in varying quantities.

For example, a courier would not utilise a large heavy goods vehicle to transport small batches of packets and letters for clients as it would be prohibitively expensive to do so. For this kind of work, a car or small combi-van is more than enough. However, the same courier firm may have a deal to handle the output of a large firm’s processing centre. That centre may produce a lot of mail or other documentation in bulk each day, so it would be more efficient to use a truck to move these between processing centres rather than several cars or vans.

The same argument applies to hauliers in reverse. It is not uncommon for haulage firms to use a transit sized van, to deliver goods when only a pallet or two is required by the recipient. This is far cheaper than using a much bigger vehicle designed to carry many more pallets all in one go.

To add to this, company directors often have personal vehicles leased to them by their company that are not used directly for haulage or courier work. It is possible to add these to a fleet insurance policy as well.

In short, a fleet insurance policy is supposed to be flexible enough to deal with the different roles that different types of vehicle will be required to fulfill.

Coversure offer different types of insurance policy to cater to the different needs of clients and the kinds of vehicles they use. For further information, advice or an insurance quote, visit out Fleet Insurance page.

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