Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance

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Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance

With fast food delivery, you always need to be careful with what insurance you need to take out. Normally, the fast food delivery will be more expensive than your personal insurance, so it might put you off taking the policy out even though you need the specialist fast food delivery insurance. With our range of insurers, we’ll work to find you the best policy for a price to suit your needs.

Why do prices increase for fast food delivery insurance compared to personal insurance?

The price for fast food delivery insurance is more expensive for multiple reasons. The main reason being that you are in your vehicle for much longer than you normally would be. The job is mainly all about driving, so as you’re on the road for extended periods of time, it means you’re more likely to have an accident. This mostly isn’t down to your driving skill, but more a law of averages. With this, the price for the insurance is raised. We’ve built relationships with our insurers to try and find the best priced cover possible.

Why can’t I just cover it on a personal policy?

If you want to make a claim, the insurer who the policy is with could refuse your claim, and you could then be made to pay for any damage caused. If the claim made involves physical damage to another party, you might also have to fork out to pay for their recovery. This is why it’s definitely not worth taking out the wrong cover and making sure you’re fully covered with fast food delivery insurance.