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unoccupied property insurance

Cover for unoccupied property can be a bit of a minefield, so we have put together some background information here to explain what options and cover we are able to provide.

Insurers see a vacant house and other empty property as a higher risk than an occupied property because there is no one there if a problem arises. For instance, if a pipe bursts, it may be some time before someone discovers it and because of this, unoccupied property insurance is generally more expensive. Many insurance companies will also limit the level of cover they are prepared to offer to FLEEA cover.

It is important to note, if you think your unoccupied property is currently covered under a household policy, the chances are, it isn't, and the worst time to find out is when you need to make a claim. The majority of household policies only offer 30 days unoccupied cover at most, before voiding the policy, and they will usually limit the cover they will provide to just FLEEA cover (this does not apply to householders going on holiday for a couple of weeks).

On top of this, many people with empty houses are looking for short term cover because they are selling their property or perhaps waiting for tenants. Insurers prefer to sell you a 12 month policy and many try to avoid selling short term policies, or customers cancelling a policy early. So when it comes to early cancellation, you can end up being out of pocket if you buy the wrong policy to start with. This also means some companies will not offer instalment plans on these policies, or they won't provide cover without a large deposit up front.

There can be a number of potential pitfalls to avoid when it comes to insuring empty properties, and we can provide you with specific advice according to your circumstances.

unoccupied property insurance

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We have products available that cover:

  • Fire Lightning Earthquake Explosion Aircraft (FLEEA)
  • Storm or Flood
  • Escape of water or oil
  • Theft, or attempted theft
  • Riot
  • Malicious damage or terrorism
  • Collision with animals or vehicles
  • Falling trees, branches, lamp posts or telegraph poles
  • Damage caused by breakage/collapse of satellite, TV/Radio aerials
  • Subsidence
  • Property owners' liability
  • Legal Cover
Or if you prefer, cover can be limited for a saving.