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Roofing as a business carries obvious hazards, as does any job working at heights. As none of us are perfect, and no matter how careful we are, it only takes one slip and someone or something could be heading for the street below. So it is imperative to get appropriate liability insurance to cover against injury to passers by or any damage to property that may occur.

Third Parties

If a third party is injured by your actions then the likelihood is that they will hold you responsible, and depending on how serious an injury they have sustained, the cost of any compensation due could run into many thousands of pounds. Without the correct cover, the bill could be crippling for you and your business.

Property Damage

As you would expect, if one of your tools or any materials fall off the roof you are working on and damage anything below, you could be liable for any damage that results.

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So if you want some friendly help or advice about roofer’s insurance, contact us now on 0800 308 1222.

So if you want some friendly help or advice about roofing contractor's insurance, contact us now on 0800 308 1222.
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Due to the nature of the job, if one of your employees puts a foot wrong, literally, they could end up being seriously injured and may look to you for compensation. Employers’ liability insurance is required by law, so we can advise you on your legal responsibilities to your employees and any labourers you may sub-contract on a temporary or permanent basis, to ensure that in the event of an accident at work, not only is your business insured properly, but you are also on the right side of the law.