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  • The only way to guarantee a hire car when you need it most
  • Even if you are at fault, theft protect insurance will ensure you stay on the road

Theft Protect Insurance

If your vehicle is stolen or written off, the vast majority of motor insurance policies will not provide you with a courtesy or hire vehicle, and the worst time to find out, is when you really need one.

If your vehicle is stolen, a hire vehicle usually will not be available until your vehicle is recovered. Or for a total write off, you won’t get a hire vehicle at all and you’ll have to rely on other transport arrangements until your insurance company pays out your claim.

While there are replacement vehicle schemes available if you were not at fault in a road traffic collision and your vehicle is repairable, there are very few facilities available to assist the motorist at fault for the accident whose vehicle is written off as a result.

So why not save yourself the hassle when you least need it, and cover yourself with a Theft Protect / Fault Protect policy from Coversure.

Why Coversure for theft protect/fault protect cover?

At Coversure, we know you’re busy, so we do the hard work for you and find the most appropriate policy for your needs. Our approachable and experienced staff also understand that no two customers are the same and as such, treat each individual on a case by case basis in order to ensure that the cover we provide is tailored to your needs. Furthermore, our many years in the industry means we have established numerous advantageous connections with leading insurance firms, meaning we can offer exclusive and discounted policies to our clients. So call now and let Coversure quote you today.

Theft Protect: Features & Benefits

With Theft Protect you get a replacement vehicle, arranged and paid for, if your vehicle is undriveable or written off due to:

  • Theft, or attempted theft
  • Fire damage
  • Vehicle vandalism / criminal damage
  • Vehicle interference

Also includes:

24 hour telephone helpline Eurolaw Legal Advice, providing advice on personal legal issues within UK and EU law

Fault Protect: Features & Benefits

If your vehicle is involved in an accident that was your fault, and your vehicle is written off, Fault Protect will provide you with a replacement vehicle.

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