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contractor all risks insurance

Extended cover for the construction trade

As a building contractor, you will be responsible for the building works prior to handing them over to the customer, and it also makes sense to get your tools covered against loss or damage. If you have builders on site, plant and materials insurance, also known as contractors’ all risk insurance, could provide cover for the contract works and loss of or damage to your materials (both fixed and unfixed), plant machinery and tools.

Even during an extension, repairs or alterations, normal buildings cover will not normally provide anything more than the most basic of covers. So whatever building work you have in progress, contract works insurance helps you to manage the risks involved and allows you to get on with the job in hand.

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Covers available include:

  • Contract Works

Contractors all risk policies can include cover for a specified maximum contract value. This cover can be vital if you are regularly involved with building extensions or new builds where the building works are not yet complete and cannot therefore be covered under a building insurance policy. Cover includes the labour costs already incurred and materials used, up to the contract price limit. The cost of removing debris is also usually included.

  • Public and Employers' Liability

Liability cover for your workforce, sub contractors and third parties. Also available:

  • Plant and Tools Cover

The cost of replacing your own plant, or hired in plant, plus the additional expense of hire charges. Your own and your employees' tools and effects can also be included under this cover, and also site huts and temporary buildings.

  • Goods and Materials

Cover for materials and property on site, or stored elsewhere, or in transit to the site itself.

  • Professional Fees

In the event of a loss, cover for architect fees, surveyors fees, engineering, inspection and other additional fees.

Our contract works cover isn't just for builders and the construction trade. It is also available to various other trades such as:

  • data cabling
  • electrical
  • telecommunications
  • forestry
  • fencing
  • landscaping

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contractors all risks insurance