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builders insurance

Working as a builder will often mean you are involved in carrying out alterations to what for most people is their biggest and most valuable asset. While people trust you to do your job properly, there may be the unfortunate occasion when for one reason or another a mistake is made. That’s why it’s so important to ensure you are correctly insured. The majority of building contractors already know about the necessity of public liability insurance and, in some cases, evidence of public liability insurance has to be provided prior to undertaking any works, particularly work being done in a public place. If you undertake work directly for a local authority, they will usually ask for a minimum level of liability cover of £5,000,000.

If you employ anyone on a permanent or temporary basis you are required by law to have employers’ liability insurance. This requirement may also extend to sub contractors and business partners. Here at Coversure we have the know how to advise you exactly where you stand on this issue and what your legal responsibilities are regarding.

builders insurance

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Besides making mistakes, building contracts can also go wrong due to external factors you may have no control over, such as crime or the weather. To combat this, Coversure also offer contract works insurance. The most cost effective way to include this is as an add on to your existing public liability insurance policy and we have arrangements with several major insurers who can provide this option.

Alternatively, for bigger projects, we can arrange a bespoke contractors all risks policy for you, which can combine liabilities, personal accident cover, JCT 21.2.1 cover, hired in or own plant and more. We can even provide you with van insurance.

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