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bathroom fitter insurance

When you’re in the process of fitting a bathroom, although you do your utmost to carry out your work with a high level of care and skill, there is nevertheless always the possibility of accidental damage occurring. In some cases, making the damage good can be expensive, and that’s why having public liability insurance cover in place could prove to be crucial in protect yourself and your business if things do go wrong.

Talk to Coversure and we can assess your public liability insurance needs and recommend the best policy for you from the large panel of leading insurance companies we deal with. They all offer slightly different options, so we can find you the right insurer that meets the needs of your business the best.

bathroom fitters insurance

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If you employ anyone or use sub contractors, we can help you navigate the legal minefield that is employers’ liability, advising you on when it is or isn’t required thereby ensuring that you stay on the right side of the law. This could be especially important in the event of anyone being injured in the course of carrying out work for you. Employers’ liability claims can be very expensive and you don’t want all your hard work to disappear down the drain.

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