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antique shop insurance

Antiques businesses are a little different to insure than many other retail outlets as the stock they sell isn’t brand new, and is not necessarily replaceable on either an ‘as new’ or ‘like for like’ basis, which is how a normal policy would operate.

On top of this, antiques dealers don't always operate out of traditional single tenure premises like their own shop. Of course many of them do, but there are also a significant number of dealers located in antiques arcades who either operate units within them, or even simply just cabinets. Many insurers will not extend their policies to accomodate such types of business, making insurance more difficult for a dealer to obtain.

All this mean antiques dealers need specialist insurance policies to take care of their unique needs, and at Coversure we can help with that.

antique shop insurance

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Our policies have additional features that are both useful and particular to an antiques dealer's needs such as:

Specialist material damage cover

This can be extended to provide cover away from your premises.

  • fairs
  • exhibitions
  • restorers and repairers workshops
  • auction rooms
  • private nad commercial clients premises

...and even your own residence.

Process Cover

This cover provides indemnity to you if you suffer accidental loss or damage to your stock when it is being worked upon or undergoing a process such as restoration.

Defective Title

Covers you in case you suffer a loss from unknowingly selling on stolen goods or lose stock when it turns out the original vendor had no legal title to the goods.

So for an antique shop insurance policy that's of splendid value, contact Coversure today, call 0800 308 1222.

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antique shop insurance

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